12 August 2009

Taste and realization

A thought keeps lingering in my mind, and often leaves me with a discomfort of not having had acquired the position and the pleasure or material things. As human I crave for them, and just as rightly said the desire is the cause. The desire to acquire and hold possession is so strong that I succumb to the drift and I am dragged to the horrifying experience. Every time I come across such thing I am encircled in this vicious circle of why I don’t have and when will I have it. Being content is like attaining nirvana in today’s life. When I know I can’t get an Omega for myself, which my boss has and I envy him, but I fail to recognize the fact and the immense amount of background efforts that might have gone behind it. Now that really puzzles me is, should I fight or I shouldn’t. I want it and i know to crave for it is wrong. So do I stop and feel happy with my Fast track. I think the idea is to wait and watch. Efforts should be seamless in any aspect of your life. There again I come to the most favorite topic the "relationship" while showcasing most of the emotions that I have portrayed on my blog (for which most of them are sad, according to my dear reader and I completely agree to them) I have realized the fact that the most I cry and crib for something extra-terrestrial to happen, it actually becomes extra-terrestrial. The sadness comes when there is no effort put in (in all aspects of life). Haven’t I put an effort, yes I have had but just some of the trees take a duration to yield a fruit and some are instant, maybe I am watering the wrong emotions and the yield is taking sometime. I think the cornflakes are getting a little salty; I need to stop putting that fluid to make it test better. I shall preserve this fluid for the destined area. "I shall not piss on good things or anything that comes to my life and even if I had did pissed already, I shall happily face it"


  1. self realisation haan!!
    i would say that watever u have been thru leave it thr i knw its hard..but at the end of the day tat thought makes u suffer the most..so its better to come over it as soon as possible n divert ur mind on lot many happier things around u.
    take care!

  2. Loved the part about Omega n Fast Track. I recently made a switch from fast track to Swatch...after almost 2 years of longing. Watchin my boss wear Pierre Cardin...hehe...

    It was worth it - n that was cz it was now, not later not before, and I realised every thing has its place in time. I am sure your is just around the d corner !


  3. Thanks a ton Swati sometimes you feel the good omen of something fantastic around you, one of my stones is indicating that - inspired by alchemist.

    Cinderella: i need to tell you something and i know you would agree the fastrack still remains ur fav......transition happens with a slice of attachment.

    Nikki: I shall not let your words fall..........because at the end of the day words are all we have.

  4. Hehe..actually no, the new seems to be my fave !

  5. Thanks a ton Swati :-) please hang around i need you guys.

  6. My first visit here.... i liked the way you wrte.. i haven't read ur other posts yet.... So cant comment on them but this was nicely written...

    Just wanna say take care!

  7. Hare Ram!!

    take care, Niks...for words are all that we have!


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