02 August 2009

What a lovely end...

what an end to the weekend, I am siting here with my dad with a mug of a beer in our hands and discussing the future. I really like this moment, the moment of peace, the scare free moment. His advices of effectively resolving problems in the most difficult situations, inspire me and i get the needed josh. He is always inspiring and standing tall behind me, when i need the required support. As always i call him Daddu Tum. Thanks Daddu please be there, i need you in this time and forever in my life. I think I am getting too emotional. All being said i am really happy for being attached with my family in such a way. Well that gives me an idea of writing about the people who are of utmost importance in my life. My friends, my parents, my guides. More than that i am happy that the evening is ending in such a way. All set to face the monstrous Monday.


  1. Advices frm few near n dear ones does change the perspective towards life..good tat u share so much wid ur dad..
    so i hope ur all filled wid josh :)

  2. I know how you feel.. Dad is a spl friend.


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