20 July 2009


Icraus sat on the edge of Anjean the highest cliff facing the city. Watching the boundless sky, the winds shrilling in his ears, with the dream in his eye that one day he will fly. He would then converse with the wind and scream to the sky. Ever since a child the idea to fly farmed in his tender mind, and grew brawny in him. The barbarian thought forced him to jump of the bed and every possible place where he reached. The wounds gave him the wisdom that his bare thought won’t help him fly. He grew older, eager and restless with his thoughts. All this was noticed by Margareta. She observed him from the day she has learned the art of appreciating a person of an opposite gender. It was something about Icraus compared to his other peers that attracted her, may be his madness to acquire something unfeasible. Margareta thought the passion he would deliver if he would be that crazy for her. Also she was very much in reach; he could touch and feel her.

Margareta always followed Icraus to Anjean, where he spent most of his evenings. She would always reveal her enthrallment by offering him a touch. A touch that would depict her love, a touch that would yell and force a man to demonstrate his masculine supremacy. But Icraus was unmoved by the most powerful force which would drive a man. Margareta knew what Icraus craved for and she often tendered him with words of grace, and enhanced his desire.

As he grew older he started structuring his dreams, and margarita partnered him in the unattainable dream. He saw the birds and an idea struck his mind. He made a vigilant and telescopic look at them and studied their behavior. He then planned to collect the wings of birds. Margareta helped him. She started worrying more for him, because she knew of his dream. She stared his efforts in the most forceful way she could.

One such evening Icraus was tired and his thoughts left him to be with Margareta. It was on that day he noticed for the first time how distinct and attractive Margareta was, her curly hair and black outlined eyebrows. Her lips just as roses her curly hairs so enthralling that he could engulfed his life in them. He perceived that every facet of her body has something so divine and pious. He couldn’t stop himself from being getting engrossed in her splendor, that evening when he was engrafted in her butter soft arms he could actually feel them as soft as wings. That evening two different human beings merged as one celestial soul. Margareta had almost accomplished and acquired the territory that she always wanted to own. That night was the night of triumph for her.

After few weeks the love and fascination for Margareta was more than she ever could have projected, but her dreams were accomplished she had pull off what she had to. She was shocked but she had to believe because her trance was always to get the person of her dreams. She was happy for the fact that Icraus was almost on the verge of forgetting his dream. She was almost on the verge of viewing her life with Icraus till the time she and Icraus would cultivate old. But she wasn’t aware that Icraus was still setting up a plot to attain his dream.

On the dreadful day Margareta was fully dressed and equipped which would demonstrate her most beautiful self. She arrived at Anjean and couldn’t see Icraus any where around. She was worried what could have happened to him. There was a cave like opening on Anjean she entered that space and could listen to the blow of the wind slicing by her arms. A moment later she realized she was armless lying in the caves of Anjean. Icraus was employed with the wings of the birds he had gathered after slaughtering. In addition to the butter soft wings of Margareta. She heard Icraus fixing things along with her arms. He assembled everything and jumped off the cliff. Margareta could feel that she was flying in the air, and she saw Icraus flying next to her. And both kept flying with each other till the eternity.


  1. Very cool story. I have read of Icarus and Dedalious. Interesting.

  2. Y d sad endings..... Everythin in Life has a Beautiful Ending....N if its not beautiful, believe its not d ending....Its jus the Beginning of something more Beautiful... Anjali :-)

  3. Good one keep up the good job

  4. A very unexpected ending but his true passion could not have been depicted better!


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