06 July 2009

Almighty need your Mercy

Why do we react and how do we react signifies our personality. Personalities are divided in various forms and type depending upon the reflexes. However the same can be broken down based on the psychological inference. Though the fact remains unshaken and the personality traits are very much defined. But so as to carve my emotions in words I have found an exception. There is an exception that I am facing in life at this point in time. The tremor is actually wowing me upside down. This person is exception to the kind I have met till date in my life. People around me had warned and has lighted my path with there words full of wisdom. But I wanted to try the other way-out and I gave that exception a chance to get over me and start harassing me, making my life hell. The best part is that this gender I suppose is to be the most soft, smooth, understanding. This gender has for centuries played a vital role of being the most emphatic being in this cruel world yes she is a women. Forgive me if you felt like I am gender biased. I am just explaining how good my exception stands and proves that she is an exception. When she commits a mistake I often see a smiley on her email. I am person of mistake; everything I do is nothing but a grave mistake. At times I think I might be right at least by error, and not by the prudent effort that I have put in. How can one be wrong in everything, this fact is completely unaccepted and the same imprudent fact rules me for this part of my painful tenure. Anything discussed casually is also marked as “As discussed kindly do the needful”. Why putting everything on record when you would know that you aren’t doing anything wrong. I think the person is just too scared about something that would go wrong against him/her, I really doubt if that person had did anything true and worthwhile in her life. God please do something worthwhile for this person. Please her forget her work, help her not write emails at 4 O clock in the morning, 11 o clock in the night. Please give her life of her own lfe.God please help her to get out of this vicious workholic circle. I am not a saint to forgive her, God please help me and save me from her.


  1. WOW... I got scared with the picture.. good thinking..

  2. Scary picture.
    but neat flow
    It is very unfortunate to have Bad Boss.
    Looks like you are prety bold to write this publicly.God bless you.

  3. Dear Anonymous: These are my individual feelings, if fear in my own space then where should i express. Also i think i have the liberty and i can trust you guys and share mishaps of my life. Anyways hoping to get out of the situation at the earliest.


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