12 July 2009

Come Back

Times gone by will never lie
Till date i ask the question why
Why did i think you were wrong
The decision i took was not strong
I am pulled by the memories
And pulled by every moment that has passed
The quest of you being around has surpassed
The negativity is dead
Every moment of pain, anguish, frustration
Leads to a happy realisation
Yes I crave for you
I need you back again
I need you
I really do


  1. hey very touchy ... keep writing.. n i think dis was d best 1... :)

  2. and I thought you absolutely know the meaning of Emancipation. But this is life. So is mine.
    God bless you buddy !

  3. Hey this was awesome.....well framed !!! Anjali

  4. This is great work. Hope you are feeling better!

  5. we very rarely get to see the pain being expressed so beautflly n in such a touching way..
    Take care!!


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